Saturday, November 15, 2014

No fiber to the prem in Silicon Valley, but a raft of slow, overpriced options

Wolverton: I’ve got the South Bay broadband shopping blues | SiliconBeat: Willow Glen

Tech Files columnist TroyWolverton goes shopping for Internet service on the California Public Utilities Commission's website but finds the service choices wanting, leaving the legacy incumbent telephone and cable company duopoly as the only viable options.

I did a little shopping of my own on the site a few months ago and like Wolverton, found it identified Megapath Networks as a provider at the same options and prices Wolverton found. But it turned out the company couldn't service my location even after the sales rep insisted it could.

Someday -- hopefully soon -- Wolverton's account will be looked back upon as a description of the primitive and often frustrating state of pre-fiber to the premise Internet service.

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