Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dish Network Offers To Buy Sprint In $25.5 Billion Deal

Dish Network Offers To Buy Sprint In $25.5 Billion Deal: For years, Dish has been able to grow rapidly by luring cable TV subscribers with better deals. But its subscriber numbers have been flat for the past three years. Unlike TV cables, satellite dishes aren't good conduits for Internet access. That means that Dish and larger rival DirecTV have been left behind in the rush to connect homes to broadband, while cable has been able to retain customers by offering TV, Internet and phone bundles

Nor are mobile wireless networks good "conduits" for premises Internet access.  This is a move of desperation on the part of Dish Network.  The trend is toward high capacity, low latency premises Internet service delivered via cable or optimally, fiber optic infrastructure.  Both the satellite TV providers and the dedicated satellite Internet providers such as HughesNet are caught on the wrong side of the trend and face a limited future.

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