Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Internet 2 spawns customer relations nightmare for telcos, cable companies

Now that the Internet is entering its second stage of popular acceptance and has moved beyond mere email and Web sites to streaming video from the major television networks and amateur video productions via YouTube, it’s likely creating a customer relations nightmare for the big cable and telephone companies.

The reason: In many areas, both still are unable to deliver the Internet at speeds any faster than those that existed in the early to mid-1990s, speeds that are impractical for today’s Internet or even Web surfing. Or in the cable companies’ case, any Internet access whatsoever. Their call center sales representatives are likely getting tired of being asked repeatedly, “When can I get high speed Internet?” and having to tell disappointed would be customers they cannot sell it to them -- and don't know when it will be offered. Ditto repair crews out in the field who find they must double as customer service representatives as well as technicians when they are approached with the same insistent question.

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