Tuesday, January 23, 2007

CWA calls for national broadband effort

The Communication Workers of America (CWA) has joined a growing call for a national broadband policy, condemning the status quo as "a hodgepodge of fragmented government programs and uneven private sector responses to changing markets."

The United States should offer all residents and businesses high speed connections of at least 2 mbs down and 1 mbs up by the end of 2007 year and 10 mbs down and 2 mbs uploads by 2010, a CWA policy paper states.

Speed Matters: Affordable High Speed Internet For All
calls on the federal government to actively support the creation of public-private partnerships in each state to expand broadband access and a national broadband map to show parts of the nation that remain on the dark side of the digital divide.
All residential and business customers should be protected by basic consumer and service quality protections no matter where they live, which carrier they choose or what technology is used to provide their services. Telecommunications services should meet the highest
standards of quality, reliability, and safety. Quality service depends primarily on sufficient investment in telecommunications infrastructure and adequate staffing provided by trained, well-compensated career employees.

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