Tuesday, August 15, 2006

US Court of Appeals: Telcos can keep proprietary fiber optic to themselves

The U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled the big regional "baby bell" telephone companies -- of which El Dorado County's provider AT&T is among the largest -- don't have to share their proprietary fiber optic cable infrastructure with other providers such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs.)

ISP Earthlink went to court to challenge the exclusivity rule, adopted in 2004 by the Federal Communications Commission. The telcos say they need to limit access to providers of competitive services in order to protect their investment in the next generation wire line technology.

Story by Reuters via Yahoo News

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Anonymous said...

this could be good news for us. if At&t is gaurenteed to have no compotition on their lines then they may deside to upgrade in el dorado. Then they wouldn't have any worries of customers spending there money elsewhere. it means that there's more of a profit for them if they upgrade

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