Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No meeting on Aug. 21 between supes, AT&T

I've been informed by the office of El Dorado County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sweeney that yesterday's Tahoe Daily Tribune (registration required) story reporting that the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors has scheduled a closed door meeting on Aug. 21 with AT&T officials regarding expanding DSL service in West Slope neighborhoods is incorrect.

Tahoe area Supervisor Norma Santiago's office however reports a meeting is in the works involving her office, the county's IT director, Jackie Nilius, and AT&T representatives about expanding DSL service in Santiago's district.

Stay tuned for further updates.


Anonymous said...

Okay not that I blame them for fighting for what they want but I can see it already, some of El Dorado county is going to lobby for (and likely get) wired broadband and some just won't regardless of lobbying.

To maintain any kind of bargaining clout, El Dorado county needs to be united and push for better broadband access for all its residents or not allow them to deliver access to any market within the county.

Anonymous said...

I say we forget about begging to AT&T and move on to a different company. AT&T's satelite crud has shown us that they don't give a darn and aren't likely to.

Comcast is around here too. with them we would have tv internet end VOIP availability. Of Course they could have big-buisness syndrome as well...

Patty said...

Now let me see if I understand. Santiago is talking to the county's IT director about AT&T? How about getting the IT director to talk to AT&T for the rest of us?

It is strange that the county's IT director would be involved. I could see her or him as an expert to help clairfy, but not as a person to speak for the county.

This is strange... I won't have time to call the county myself tomorrow. We need another person to talk to a different Supervisor. Sometimes this helps clarify what is really happening. My money is on the fact that someone is getting AT&T to talk to them...whether it is for the county office or for the Lake Tahoe residents.

But if they (county sup and/or IT Director) are working for the county, they should be working for the whole county not just Lake Tahoe residents.

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