Monday, August 07, 2006

El Dorado Supes set Aug. 21 meeting with AT&T

William Ferchland reports in today's Tahoe Daily Tribune (registration required) that the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors has scheduled a closed door (why closed?) meeting on Aug. 21 with AT&T officials regarding expanding DSL service in West Slope neighborhoods.

Instrumental in getting things moving is Tahoe-area supervisor
Norma Santiago who said addressing the need for high-speed is a priority issue for her. Adding to Santiago's cause is a petition from constituent Patti Handal, a resident of Mountain View Estates near north Upper Truckee Road, that the newspaper reports is being circulated in Mountain View Estates, Angora Highlands, the far end of South Upper Truckee Road and Echo View Estates.

Readers of this blog should also be aware of the petition calling upon AT&T to upgrade its wire line infrastructure to fiber optic or divest itself from the county at

Stay tuned to this blog for details on the scheduled meeting between AT&T and the county supes.


Patty said...

I agree with you--Why closed? At whose request? Paine was my Sup. Who is yours?

Could you call and get an answer and post what you find?

Patty said...

I will call too... Then we can compare answers...

Isn't there a meeting between then and now? Compare our answers, then we could both go there and ask at the public form so it would be on the record.

Just a thought...

Teresa said...

Who are you guys calling? We all should be calling just before the meeting. Paine is gone, and if he were still on the books....he would still be gone :( Do you suggest calling the other Sup's? Thanks for the e-mail update.

Anonymous said...

I've sent a request for more info to Jack Sweeny, District 3 Supervisor.

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