Saturday, April 29, 2017

Deceptive deal: Verizon Wireless 4G LTE "unlimited" isn't

Verizon Wireless which like other wireless ISPs has historically offered metered "data plans," sold in multiple price tiers based on the amount of data transacted over the connection. Under pressure from falling subscriber growth, Verizon Wireless recently introduced an "unlimited" service that dispenses with the meter and offers a flat monthly recurring charge under a 2-year contract. Sounds like a good deal, right, especially for the many households in areas redlined by landline ISPs and without an option for service?

Wrong. It's a lousy, deceptive deal. The VZ Wireless meter is still running under this so-called "unlimited" service which is in fact data limited. And it's a hard limit. Once the meter hits 10GB, the service is shunted off VZ Wireless's 4G LTE network and onto its outmoded and crippled 3G network that can't support streaming or Skype until the start of the next monthly billing cycle.

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