Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Wheeler talking through his hat on "cable competition"

Stop the Cap! FCC Chairman Tells Crowd He's "Not Done Enough" to Bring More Cable Competition: FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler confessed he “has not done enough” to bring consumers more competition to Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, and other cable operators.

This is complete nonsense from Wheeler. Cable is not a competitive market. It exists in a natural monopoly/duopoly market. The chairman can't make it more competitive any more than he could interstate highways if were were head of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Wheeler's view of the cable market as a competitive one is also at odds with the FCC's adoption one year ago of its Open Internet rulemaking deeming Internet service provided by cable, telephone and other ISPs a common carrier telecommunications utility under Title II of the Communications Act. That title is predicated on a monopoly -- and not a competitive -- market.

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