Monday, March 09, 2015

Rhode Island universal Internet service bill introduced

GoLocalProv | Chippendale: Homes Without Internet Access Leave Students Unable to Excel in School: Representative Michael Chippendale (R-Foster, Glocester, Coventry) has introduced legislation that would bring broadband internet to households that currently have no means of accessing it. The bill stipulates that “any public utility providing phone, cable television, or broadband internet service to 75% of the eligible residents of any single city or town shall make available said phone, cable television, or internet services to the remaining 25% of the city or town.” Also, “any broadband service provider which provides internet service to any city or town that is part of a school district that utilizes portable internet devices for student learning at home and has broadband internet provided to at least 25% of the eligible residents of any single city or town, must provide broadband internet service for all residents of the city or town.”
While the U.S. Federal Communications Commission appears to be passing on a universal Internet service obligation in its forthcoming final rules deeming ISPs as common telecommunications carriers under Title II of the Communications Act, this could be the first of a state-based movement to impose such a requirement.

It should be noted this is a limited universal access measure and won't help localities in the all too common scenario where ISPs commonly serve only the doughnut hole of half of all premises -- those close to the center of town -- but not those outside of the center.

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