Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Title II common carrier regulation would be problematic for Google Fiber

If the U.S. Federal Communications Commission takes President Obama's advice and decides to impose Title II Common Carrier regulation on the Internet (and thereby mandate Internet service providers serve all premises in their service areas), it would throw a monkey wrench not only in the business models of legacy incumbent telephone and cable companies that are based on serving only selected neighborhoods, but that of Google Fiber as well.

Christopher Mitchell of Institute for Local Self-Reliance opines in this piece on Google Fiber in The Kernel suggesting that Google's walled garden strategy is actually reinforcing the digital divide that plagues much of the United States.
“Google is popularizing the idea of building essential infrastructure with a market-driven approach. We don’t build roads like that—if we did, there’d be no roads in rural areas. We don’t build electricity like that—if we did, our economy could be far weaker. We recognize that those things are essential infrastructure.”

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