Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"VolksNet" solution in Deustchland: residents build their own fiber to the premise infrastructure

German villagers build own broadband network - The Local

With around 22 kilometres of network needed to link up all of the
houses to the high-speed data highway, "we would never have found a
company willing to supply the necessary fibre-optics," said mayor Holger
Jensen. Some 58 other communities in Northern Friesland face
similar difficulties and so the idea was born of clubbing together -
businesses, individuals and villages - to secure access to a modern
technology that is taken for granted in most German towns and cities.

In many nations, governments proclaim they are responding to private market failure that leaves homes and businesses disconnected from modern Internet access. These Germans have a backup plan in case that doesn't happen: they're building it themselves. I'm dubbing it "VolksNet;" maybe the idea will catch on elsewhere in Germany and other places.

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