Sunday, June 08, 2014

AT&T already selling DirecTV

AT&T isn't waiting for regulatory approval of its recently announced acquisition of DirecTV to start bulking up the DirecTV subscriber base in order to gain greater bargaining power with television programming wholesalers -- the business rationale for the deal.

AT&T has launched a direct mail campaign pitching DirecTV as "Digital TV from AT&T," targeted at redlined portions of its service territory where it has no landline Internet infrastructure. Reviewing the fine print on the reverse of the direct mail piece reveals the "Digital TV from AT&T" is in fact DirecTV. The direct mail promo also pitches residential POTS (plain old telephone service).

Consumers have been able to get POTS and satellite TV for decades. Without an offer of a new and/or compelling value, the direct mail piece isn't likely to be appealing or gain many new DirecTV subscribers for AT&T. Instead, it's likely to end up in the waste can or junk mail recycling.

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