Monday, December 16, 2013

Verizon CEO hints at fiber partnerships with local providers

Verizon, which halted build out of its FiOS fiber to the premise (FTTP) infrastructure last year, will stay that course Verizon CEO and Chairman Lowell McAdam said at last week's UBS Global Media and Communications Conference.  McAdam said some "fringe" deployment may occur, but that "deploying fiber in a lot of new markets isn't in the cards."

However, "I think there are more opportunities to partner out of market with companies that are there versus us going in and deploying FiOS," McAdam added.

McAdam's remarks were reported by Fierce Telecom

Verizon spokesman Bob Varettoni declined to elaborate on McAdam's comments when asked specifically with whom Verizon might partner to build FTTP infrastructure beyond its current footprint.


Anonymous said...

Verizon may finally be seeing the light...that people want services, not infrastructure. Or put another way, people want dial tone (the ability to make a phone call), not 300 feet of twisted pair copper cable.

InfoStack said...

Unbundling, sharing and horizontal scaling is definitely in the cards over the next few years. 4 primary drivers are: 1) video content pushed to the edge, 2) enteprise storage and collaborative apps (telework, etc...), 3) condensed radio access network, 4) sdn/nfv. All of these require/benefit from, and amortize, fiber as far out to the edge as possible. Geographic, market and application silos no longer have any economic logic at light-speed, and a demand model with the need for high-def, collaborative and mobile solutions.

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