Sunday, September 02, 2012

Silicon Valley professionals head to the Sierra Nevada foothills

The Sacramento Bee reports Silicon Valley transplants are moving to Loomis in Placer County for a better real state values and an enhanced quality of life outside the bustle of the Bay Area.  A key driver of the shift: staying connected to Silicon Valley by working remotely from home.  

But that raises questions not addressed in the Bee article.  First, is the telecommunications infrastructure sufficient in some of these semi-rural areas to support remote work?  Many Sierra Nevada foothill locales are still on dialup Internet connections or have spotty, slow legacy DSL service.  Second, how does this trend jibe with the predominant Silicon Valley work culture based on collegial beehiving in open office architecture at massive corporate "campuses?"  Or does this workshifting 150 miles away from Silicon Valley campuses represent a counter trend?

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