Sunday, June 24, 2012

Don't study broadband black holes -- fill them with fiber to the premise

Counties plan study on broadband Internet access - Niagara County - The Buffalo News: LOCKPORT — Niagara and Orleans counties are planning a study to zero in on which roads and households lack broadband Internet access.

Evhen Tupis, former information technology director of the Medina Central School District, told the Niagara County Legislature on Tuesday that he has already done that sort of study in the Town of Wilson.

Tupis said he also has surveyed much of Orleans County and has determined that the official state and federal statistics, which claim 97 percent broadband penetration in the two counties, are bogus.
Of course they are.  But rather than waste time drawing maps and conducting studies to refute the dubious data  -- sourced from incumbent telcos and cablecos looking to downplay gaps in their last mile networks -- communities would be better served by building their own fiber to the premises networks.  And they shouldn't worry about overbuilding the incumbents because fiber to the premise telecommunications infrastructure is superior to most any last mile cable plant they have on the poles and in the ground.  Fiber provides sufficient capacity as bandwidth demand explodes -- both now and for the future.

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Scott Walker said...

The idea of equipping communitites with their own fibre to the premises network looks great. I completely agree with the point Fibre Broadband is suffcient enough to cope the normal requirements of present and future too.

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