Saturday, June 09, 2012

Calling wireless Internet service "fiber grade" disingenuous and misleading

Broadband network expansion set for Dayton, other Ohio cities - Dayton Business Journal: A Canton-based company announced plans Thursday to build statewide network for wireless broadband services, bringing high-speed Internet access to 3 million Ohio address points, including 100,000 that currently have no service.

“It’s an exciting thing for the industry across the board,” said Kyle Quillen, chief technology officer of Agile Network Builders. “We’re going to enable anybody to get that last-mile connectivity with a fiber-grade connection anywhere in the state of Ohio. That’s a big deal.”

Calling terrestrial wireless Internet service "fiber grade" is disingenuous and misleading.  It cannot emulate fiber or its carrying capacity, particularly for the delivery of high definition video.

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