Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reducing demand for California state office space through telework

As deficit plagued California continues to grapple with red ink and sells off state owned office buildings to help bring in much needed cash, California Assembly consultant and Auburn, Calif. councilmember Kevin Hanley believes California can reduce the cost of office space to house state workers Monday through Friday.

Here's how, according to Hanley: state managers should shrink the cubicle jungle by allowing state workers to work remotely from home part of the work week. In his Sacramento Bee op-ed piece, Hanley notes the information technology is there. The problem is outdated supervisory technique that relies too much eyeballing workers rather than measuring job performance based on their work product.

I would add that for some California state workers -- particularly those living in outlying areas and who generate the most carbon emissions to get to work -- telecommunications infrastructure also needs updating from early 1990s era dial up to provide robust Internet connectivity options.

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