Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Report: Comcast considers selling off infrastruture in Maine

The Times Record of Maine reports today that Comcast is mulling selling off its holdings in the state as part of a plan to dispose of 46 properties nationwide. (Separately, an industry source discloses one of the Comcast plants to be divested serves Coalinga in California's Central Valley.)

According to the newspaper, municipal officials in several Maine towns said they were contacted by Comcast and informed of the possible sale. A Comcast spokesman declined to comment on the report.

Following this report, the Associated Press May 23 reported Comcast plans to sell off its plant in eight states serving between 400,000 and 500,000 subscribers. The states reportedly include Maine, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Mexico, Virginia, Georgia, West Virginia and California. Comcast is staying mum on the specific locations where it will sell off its assets.

Robert Serrano, an analyst at SNL Kagan in Monterey, Calif., told the AP Comcast is "pruning some of the more outlying areas in order to make a more efficient cluster."

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