Wednesday, January 09, 2008

FCC chairman hopes 700mhz auction will increase broadband access

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin has high hopes the 700 megahertz spectrum that will be left vacant when TV signals go all digital in February 2009 will "dramatically increase" wireless broadband service in rural areas.

Accordingly, Martin told the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week that the FCC will require companies that gain part of the spectrum in the FCC auction set for Jan. 24 to use and not just hold onto it. "We want to make sure that that's being put to use as quickly as possible. ... That's really going to be the ultimate test of [the auction's] success," the Seattle Times quoted Martin as saying.

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tompoe said...

Gee, the jerk forgot to mention his deliberate avoidance of the issue surrounding reasonable wholesale pricing access. Buy all you want at whatever the market will bear, and in this case, if the profits aren't high enough, eat cake.

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