Monday, December 31, 2007

California Broadband Task Force report delayed

A report by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Broadband Task Force making specific recommendations on "how California can take advantage of opportunities for and eliminate any related barriers to broadband access and adoption" has been pushed back until sometime in January, a spokeswoman for the governor confirms.

The report was due out in late November under an executive order issued by the Governor in November 2006. About a month ago, Schwarzenegger had told the University of Southern California's Annenberg Center for the Digital Future conference it would be released in December.

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tompoe said...

Not to oversimplify things, but it's time the powers-that-be acknowledge the issue is one of infrastructure, not distribution media. Once they face reality, it's but a moment of reflection, and everyone realizes we've entered the age of decentralized telecommunications infrastructure, and time to turn our airwaves that we own back to us. Already, we have a model for community wireless mesh network infrastructure that requires no technical expertise, costs a one-time fee of $50 per house, and a shared monthly Internet access of less than $10 per month per house. That results in up to 54Mbps broadband speeds. Aah, but let's delay the task force report as long as possible. There's still hope the FCC can turn our airwaves over to one or two corporate thugs, and the masses will never know what they're missing.
Happy New Year!
Tom Poe, Charles City, Iowa

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