Monday, November 19, 2007

AT&T bungles bundle, loses business

AT&T is big on business bundles. Problem is, it can't seem to deliver them. Last week, your blogger successfully placed an order for a bundled package of an unlimited local and long distance business line conbined with AT&T's DSL Pro level service. The AT&T sales rep said the DSL service -- which she said is a new product offering called "DSL Red" -- would be provided via a remote terminal.

Turns out that while the rep was extremely courteous and helpful -- one of the best encounters I've had with telephone sales or service people -- she was sadly misinformed according to an AT&T account rep who called to say the order couldn't be fulfilled.

No such product; no DSL service. No bundle. No deal.


Anonymous said...

That's frustrating.

Anonymous said...

AT&T BUNGLE Feel very lucky you did not get this service I just bungled my cell and home phone with a promise of one bill that would be cheaper. They tell you anything to get you to switch... Now because they lied to me about costs and the $50 visa gift card (I don't think these exist)It will cost me $400 to get rid of them...But I refuse to do business with people that tell you one thing and then do another. I asked them to review the tape..Anyone that does business with AT&T should make sure they record the phone call themselves...I had AT&T for less then 2 months would have been less but we were under evacuation due to wildfires their coverage wasn't as good as my old phone so I couldn't cancel it Thank God I didn't cancel my old phone...

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