Friday, October 19, 2007

Connecticut should tell AT&T to hit the road

AT&T is at loggerheads with Connecticut regulators that want it build out its infrastructure to serve more residents and businesses as a condition of getting approval to deploy its triple play (voice telephone, Internet access, Internet protocol TV) "U-Verse" offering in the state.

AT&T contends it can't do so profitably and is threatening to pull the plug on U-Verse in Connecticut. Good riddance; this technologically challenged turkey probably won't fly anyway. Connecticut should stick to its guns and tell AT&T in clear terms that building a swiss cheese telecommunications infrastructure filled with broadband black holes is not acceptable.

This is a prime illustration of the need for the locals to take charge and create public-private partnerships with locally owned and operated telecommunications providers and tell the big, out of state corporations who would create broadband winners and losers to hit the road.

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Stephen said...

I don't agree. I think AT&T is right. Universal coverage in a state this large at roll out is not feasable. The cable companies have monopolies so they have to cover everyone because nobody else is allowed to. AT&T just wants to compete and anyone they can't offer service to immediately can still get cable. I really don't see the issue here and AT&T will win as public opinion and the law is on their side. I will get U-Verse and dump Comcast as soon as they are allowed to resume adding customers!

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