Wednesday, July 25, 2007

White Spaces Coalition device could compete with satellite, cable and telco TV

Earlier this year, the White Spaces Coalition, comprised of Dell, EarthLink, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft, and Philips Electronics, submitted a prototype wireless broadband device to be tested by the Federal Communications Commission. The device would utilize unused portions of the television broadcast spectrum, 2MHz to 698MHz. Like current TV signals, it would penetrate structures.

The coalition is hoping to have the device approved for use when analog TV broadcasts cease in February 2009 in favor of digital transmission.

The coalition's device reportedly has the potential to deliver download speeds approaching 80Mps. That means it could not only compete with and blow away much of existing wireline broadband providers -- with the exception of Verizon's FiOS -- it could also pose a threat to TV providers -- satellite, cable and telco TV -- if the FCC approved the technology for transmission of digital TV signals. At 80Mbs, there's sufficient bandwidth to transport multiple high definition TV channels.

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