Friday, June 08, 2007

The telco video challenge: 25Mbs or bust

Here's an interview in the DesMoines Register with Qwest's Iowa President Max Phillips. It shows while telcos like Qwest desire to get into offering video programming like cable companies and push for state statutes easing the way into the market, they face a daunting technological challenge doing that over existing copper cable pair that was originally designed to carry analog voice signals and not huge amounts of digital data.

"We offer up to seven megabits in Des Moines. You've probably got to get those speeds up somewhere in the 25-megabit range to make this product work," Phillips tells the newspaper.

Getting that kind of throughput on a reliable level in order to support video appears to be a major reach, particularly when much of the telcos' existing copper cable plant can provide only 1.5 Mbs DSL service tops -- and in many areas can't provide DSL at any speed.

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