Friday, May 25, 2007

Telco's sluggish DSL deployment produces IPTV skepticism

Denver based telco Qwest wants to deploy broadband-based Internet Protocol TV in Broomfield, Colorado. But it's getting a less than welcome reception from local leaders unimpressed with the telco's slow, selective rollout of digital subscriber line (DSL) and who are concerned of a repeat performance with IPTV that would leave some neighborhoods without service.

This goes to the crux of why telcos and some cable companies have backed state legislation preempting local governments and putting the state in charge of issuing broadband "video franchises." The legislation typically allows franchisees to build out their systems to serve half or less of their service areas, leaving everyone else on the wrong side of the digital divide. Local elected leaders are more sensitive to this digital redlining than state legislators, who are often the recipients of campaign contributions from telco and cable company sources.

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