Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sorry, wrong number: AT&T tells would be residential broadband customers to go suck a satellite

If you're an AT&T residential customer who's been waiting for years for broadband, indications are you're going to have to continue to wait some more. Hapless residential customers who visit AT&T's Web site to check on the availability of AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet get this message if it isn't:

AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet

Our system indicates that our DSL service, AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet, is not available at your location. However, let's see if we have another solution for you:

You may qualify for satellite broadband from AT&T.Learn More

If DSL becomes available at my location, Contact Me

Try a Different Phone Number
Check My Address For DSL
Continue Shopping

The satellite service is from satellite Internet provider WildBlue. AT&T entered into a reseller deal with WildBlue about a year ago to sell the inferior (compared to what AT&T could offer if it chose to seriously invest in its wire line infrastructure), costly satellite service in areas it has written off over the foreseeable for wire line broadband.

Keep in mind this is from the same AT&T that boasts "Your world delivered" and actually believes it can provide television service over the same tired copper cable-based system that can't even support DSL let alone IPTV.

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