Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ma Bell pipe dream: $1 billion in ad revenue in 3 years

Seems that everyone wants a piece of Internet-based ad revenue. Now even the companies that provide the "pipes" that carry the Internet want in on the action, including Ma Bell.

John Stankey, AT&T's president for operations support, told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in New York that advertising could bring $1 billion to Ma Bell's top line in three years time. Stankey said AT&T can reach that revenue goal by virtue of being the biggest U.S. broadband provider, a wireless carrier and most recently, a purveyor of Internet Protocol Television Service (IPTV) via its nascent U-Verse video service.

I think Stankey's time line is far too optimistic given the slow pace of AT&T's U-verse rollout whose functionality hasn't yet been demonstrated on a large scale. Also the company's sluggishness in even upgrading large portions of its service area that must continue to use early 1990s dial up modem technology to access the Internet or the so-called "Molasses Net" -- satellite Internet service -- which AT&T is hawking via a reseller deal with satellite provider WildBlue.

Rather than the pipe providers getting into the advertising biz, the more likely scenario is the media giants like Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and Web portals Yahoo! and Google getting into the pipes business, partnering with other companies to build their own broadband infrastructure after tiring of waiting on the telco/cable duopoly to expand their networks.

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