Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cisco working with West VA gov on broadband solution

West Virginia remains one of America's darkest broadband black holes. The Associated Press reports Gov. Joe Manchin is working with Silicon Valley-based router powerhouse Cisco on a plan to provide broadband to all West Virginia residents by 2010.

Manchin recently vetoed legislation that
would have mapped which areas in the state aren't wired for broadband service and allowed nonprofits to offer broadband service throughout the state.

While the efforts of Cisco CEO
John Chambers to light up this infamous broadband black hole are laudable, I hope he doesn't neglect Cisco's own back yard in Silicon Valley and California. As reported last year, Rob Hof, manager of BusinessWeek's Silicon Valley bureau, inadvertently found himself mired on the wrong side of the digital divide Palo Alto when he moved to a new home in the city.

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