Saturday, March 10, 2007

Telco/cable duopoly kills proposed legislation requiring disclosure of broadband deployments

This item comes from Art Brodsky of Public Knowledge, reporting on the successful lobbying efforts by the telco/cable duopoly to kill proposed Maryland legislation that would have required broadband providers report to the state on their deployments.

Apparently the telco/cable duopoly fears embarrassment and potential regulatory directives to expand broadband deployments if Maryland residents were able to determine the location of these companies' broadband black holes.

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Carol Anne said...

Of course, it doesn't government to do this...and if you did, how could you rely on the veracity of the telco's info?

I propose this is an ideal candidate for netroots action: If everyone would use every telephone # they know, and map out whether that address can get service or not, we've have a massive amount of data that could be displayed on a Google map.

All it needs is an enterprising soul to set up the website and invite people to submit data.

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