Friday, December 08, 2006

Broadband will determine outcome of cable vs. telco market share struggle

The key determinant whether telcos such as AT&T or cable companies like Comcast come to dominate in El Dorado County and elsewhere is what each offers in the way of high speed Internet.

"That battle that is going on in the marketplace is really focused around the broadband connection," Oren Shaffer, telco Qwest's chief financial officer, told MarketWatch in this article that appeared today.

That's doubly true in much of "dark" El Dorado County where neither AT&T nor Comcast offers broadband connections. The first to enter these areas with a robust broadband product will over the short term have the market to themselves to sell bundled services and set the stage to develop long term loyalty among residents who have waited far too long for high speed Internet access.

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