Friday, August 25, 2006

Anger in Adelaide over lack of broadband

Even while El Dorado County is considered part of a metropolitan region, it suffers from widespread lack of broadband access that is increasingly angering local residents and business owners.

Turns out they are not alone. Residents of metro region down under in Adelaide, Australia are also upset over the same problem:
In metropolitan Adelaide there are many Internet users who still can't access broadband technology.

Broadband anger is not confined to the bush where Telstra has ditched a $4 billion roll-out of high speed internet connection.

The company has told some customers they will have to wait up to three years for the service.

Internet user Geremia Porcaro lives in Adelaide city and is fed up with being stuck on 1980's dial-up technology.

He lives close to the Unley telephone exchange and yet it takes him five minutes to receive an email using Telstra's basic dial-up service.

"I reckon if I go to the African jungle I can get faster dial-up speed there" he said.

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