Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Swansboro Country: Another Eldo community on the wrong side of the digital divide

Since the start of the year, the good folk in Swansboro Country have suffered major road access challenges due to a wash out of Mosquito Road.

I've been hearing from some Swansboro residents that they're also cut off from the broadband Internet highway, stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide and relegated to sluggish dial up like all too many El Dorado County communities.

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Carol Anne Ogdin said...

So, what keeps them from assembling a WiFi network and sharing out a T1 line, like the folks in Coloma did last year?

Ten line-of-sight customers can operate at about $100/month (plus one-time equipment costs).

There are solutions.

There are no no-cost (or even pricing comparable to urban area) solution.

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