Monday, July 24, 2006

AT&T's Project Pronto wasn't: 1 in 4 customers still without broadband

AT&T's Project Pronto, which set a goal of providing broadband to 80 percent of its service area by 2002 and the balance by now, wasn't. Consequently, at least a quarter of AT&T's customers are left twisting in the wind with sluggish dial up Internet connections, according to this editorial by Dave Burstein appearing today in DSL Prime.

Burstein calls upon FCC Chairman Kevin Martin to hold AT&T's feet to the fire by holding up its planned merger with BellSouth unless it acts -- and not just promises -- to deploy broadband to more of its customer base.

Here's some PR puffery from 2000 from what was then SBC Communication's PR firm on the now discredited Project-Not-So-Pronto.

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