Friday, June 23, 2006

No fiber optic in Pleasant Valley: Just a conduit

A reader reports from the field: Fiber optic cable is being placed in the trench for the El Dorado Irrigation District's Pleasant Oak water main replacement project.

EID clarifies: No fiber is being installed -- just a conduit for possible future fiber optic cable deployment.

I guess that's a start. But I'm sure Pleasant Valley and Sly Park area residents and businesses would prefer the whole fiber enchilada now so they can get out of dial up hell and also enjoy reliable and high quality voice telephone service.


Carol Anne Ogdin said...

And people in Hell want ice water, too!

The biggest cost for laying fiber optic cable is buying the right-of-way, and digging trenches for the conduit.

EID is being smart: As I suggested four years ago, they decided it was smart to lay the conduit whenever they have to trench for water service. Then, when any communications vendor wants right-of-way, all they have to do is pull the cable through the conduit, and pay EID rent in perpetuity for the right to use it. A lot cheaper for the telco, and it will help keep water bills down, too.

But, segments like Pleasant Oaks are not yet sufficient. It takes time to build a network, especially when it's being done opportunistically (i.e., when a trench is being dug for some other reason).

It's not a solution, but as the ancient said: "Journey to moon begin with single step."

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the Wildblue satellite internet service? I am seriously considering it and would like to hear from anyone who has it in Pleasant Valley.

I am not interested in any high speed service from ATT since they can't even seem to keep my phone operating properly and they take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to fix it when there is a problem. I can't imagine that any internet service they provide would be any better.

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