Thursday, April 20, 2006

Population shift to exurbs has major implications for telecoms

Northeasterners are moving South and West. West Coast residents are moving inland. Midwesterners are chasing better job markets. And just about everywhere, people are escaping to the outer suburbs, also known as exurbs.

This story has huge implications for telecommunications companies that serve outlying areas who should be putting in place updated networks now to serve the growing population.


Carol Anne Ogdin said...

I've been talking about this huge urban-to-rural migration for several years. The early data came from satellite photos taken at night, showing how cities have started to shrink (or, at least, not continue expanding boundaries), while rural areas are "lighting up."

But, that stands in direct contrast to major Telcos' business models, which are focused solely on high-density population regions. They only bother providing any (abysmal) rural service because they're required to by law...and they're eroding that law as we speak.

It's a mess, and not likely to be addressed by greedy Telcos anytime soon.

Fred Pilot said...

I'd like to think the situation you describe creates a competitive opportunity for more forward thinking telcos.

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